Scientific Program


Students who are completing their masters or beginning their doctoral studies would benefit the most from this school, though well-motivated undergraduates or postdoctoral students could also apply. We believe that computational neuroscience is the quintessential interdisciplinary discipline mixing neurobiology, computer science, physics, electrical engineering, and mathematics. Therefore, we made the School program appropriate for students converging from a variety of fields into the broad field of computational neuroscience.

Topics covered during the School include electrophysiology, neuroanatomy, single neuron RNA analysis, single-neuron modeling, Hodgkin-Huxley model of the action potential, neuronal networks, management of computer simulations, and more.

Further, this year the School overlaps with the Capo Caccia Cognitive Neuromorphic Engineering Workshop (, and our students will have the possibility to join some of the workshop’s evening sessions.

Students are expected to have a good background in their discipline, interest in neuroscience, and knowledge (even basic) of computer programming (Python, C, C ++).


Program to be announced soon